Pharmaceutical Society NI

The Pharmaceutical Society NI is the statutory body with responsibility for regulating the pharmaceutical industry in Northern Ireland, whilst the Pharmacy Forum is an arm’s length body of the Pharmaceutical Society that provides leadership and support to Northern Ireland pharmacists.

The Society’s previous website, which represented both the Society and the Forum online, was struggling under the weight of the information it was attempting to convey. For users of the site, navigation had become increasingly complex and confusing. The site was slow, error-prone and the styling was dated. For Pharmaceutical Society staff, the site was difficult and time-consuming to update, and functional updates were becoming increasingly costly. The Society asked us if we could help.

Legato developed two websites for the Pharmaceutical Society and the Pharmacy Forum that reflect the organisations’ shared heritage, but which allow them to focus on their individual objectives and messages. The sites are built using open source WordPress, so they benefit from the excellent usability, security and the unlimited upgrades that WordPress provides. It also means that the Society can move to another software developer at any time for further website developments.

One of the Society’s statutory obligations is to maintain a database of all pharmacists, pharmacies and pharmacy trainees in Northern Ireland and to make this information publicly available. This information can change regularly, however, the Society’s statutory duty requires the public register to be kept up-to-date. Legato helped the Society to achieve this by developing software that interrogates their private registrant database and securely updates the website’s public register. The websites also include features such as event booking, student exam result publication, social media integration and website usage analytics.

What we did:
System Analysis
Content review
Web Design
Web Development
Wordpress CMS
Hosting & Support

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