Pharmaceutical Society NI Registrant Database

The Pharmaceutical Society NI is the statutory body with responsibility for regulating the pharmaceutical industry in Northern Ireland. Their role involves maintaining an up-to-date database of pharmacists, pharmacies and pharmacy trainees in Northern Ireland and ensuring that all their registrants meet the exacting standards stipulated by legislation.

Although the Society still holds the thick paper ledgers that formed their first register in 1925, the Society moved to electronic databases many years ago. Much has changed in recent years, however, which has presented increasing problems for the Society. The database being used by the Society for its registers was becoming increasingly out of date and therefore difficult and time-consuming to maintain. The Society’s desire to introduce online membership renewal for its registrants was also made much more challenging. The Society asked us if we could help.

After careful analysis of the existing database, as well as our knowledge about the Society and its role, we designed and developed a new database and registrant management system. The new system, which was developed using Microsoft ASP.NET, has dramatically reduced the time required by the Society to maintain their registrant database. The new system is secure and reliable, whilst being fast and easy to use.

The Society’s new database provided a firm foundation for online membership renewals for pharmacists. Annual membership retention is a critical element of the Society’s role. It is a key source of information that keeps their database accurate and it ensures that registrants meet the requirements of membership. It is also an important source of annual funding for the Society. It was therefore imperative for the Society that online membership retention be highly reliable and secure and meet the Society’s legal obligations.

Legato developed an online retention system for the Pharmaceutical Society that allowed them to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent by staff administering annual retention, at the same time as improving the quality and accuracy of the Society’s data. For pharmacists, the process of annual retention is now much quicker and easier than it had been previously. In 2016, 83.5% of pharmacists in Northern Ireland used the online system for membership renewal. In the Society’s annual survey, 97% of respondents found the new system very easy or easy to use.

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