Maybe you have changed service providers or an employee has left and your login details along with them. If you know the email address associated with the account and you have access to the mailbox, you can simply request a password reset.

More often than not, it is lack of access to the mailbox which is the problem. We had a recent scenario, where this problem occurred – the website administrator had left our clients company and though they had left access details to the analytics, when new staff came to use them – they did not work…..

After lots of failed password resets, we needed to tackle this problem from a different perspective. It came to light that the company had recently changed their office network service providers and this started to raise a few alarm bells, specifically in relation to email addresses. The email address previously associated with their analytics had been created using Microsoft Exchange, however their new provider had migrated all their emails to Google services and in doing so had actually created a ‘conflicted’ account.

When a company uses Google for services such as email their email address are viewed as an Organisation account type however previously the same email address associated with their analytics was an Individual account. Organisation trumps Individual in this case and hence access was frozen, no matter how many attempted password resets.

The only way to regain access was to get in touch with Google directly and this is not as easy as you may think! The only way to email Google was via an Ad-words account, as this has a support option. After a lengthy explanation, my request involved giving access to the old analytics via a newly created gmail account, which was not associated with office emails whatsoever.

Google requested that a specific text file is uploaded to the root of the website to prove that our request is genuine and we manage the website in question. Once this was done and they were notified we were given access via our new email address